Bivar Inc.

Bivar Lights the Way for LED Innovation

Bivar welcomes the opportunity to apply and adapt its products to meet your vision. Their approach is to listen to customers’ needs and come to the table with an open mind that fosters creativity. Whether that’s a custom LED solution, off-the-shelf standard light pipe system or to help you transition from traditional to more energy efficient, long-lifespan LED lighting, Bivar makes moving light practical, easy, efficient, and affordable.

Richmar works with Bivar to provide you LED’s, light pipes, holders, moving light solutions, and custom opto products.

With a global base of customers including many in the Fortune 100, Bivar’s products are designed to meet the increased demand for LED technology across a growing range of markets and applications.

Founded in 1965, Bivar is a leading specialty manufacturer of LED indication and lighting products with a long-standing history of quality and innovation in the electronics industry.

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