Siemens Manufacturing Company

Technology. Solutions. Delivered.

The dedication to creating value with custom solutions makes Siemens distinguished in the field of contract manufacturers. They support your products from Design for Manufacturing through Custom Inventory Management with an untiring focus on your individual needs.

Siemens’ ongoing commitment to providing quality EMS solutions for their customers is reflected by their innovative manufacturing capabilities, statistical process controls, customized product testing, and component level lot traceability. They have committed the resources needed to ensure their products and processes represent leading-edge technology.

At Siemens, a diverse group of skilled professionals and manufacturing capabilities deliver fast and effective EMS solutions. Since 1963, Siemens has been creating customized, quality products so their customers across the globe can respond to business needs more quickly and efficiently.

Richmar works with Siemens to serve many diverse markets.

Siemens offers domestic USA design engineering services, automated PCBA assembly, box build, potting, conformal coating, testing, and RF Capabilities. Supping into all major markets. ISO 9001:2008, UL recognized.

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